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§ 75.21 General requirements.

(a) Each licensee or certificate holder who has been given notice by the NRC in writing that its facility has been identified under the U.S.–IAEA Safeguards Agreement shall establish, maintain, and follow written material accounting and control procedures.

(b) Each possessor of nuclear material outside facilities in the U.S. Caribbean Territories shall establish, maintain, and follow written material accounting and control procedures.

(c) The material accounting and control procedures required by paragraph (a) of this section shall include, as appropriate:

(1) A measurement system for the determination of the quantities of nuclear material received, produced, shipped, lost or otherwise removed from inventory, and the quantities on inventory;

(2) The evaluation of precision and accuracy of measurements and the estimation of measurement uncertainty;

(3) Procedures for identifying, reviewing and evaluating differences in shipper/receiver measurements;

(4) Procedures, including frequency, for taking a physical inventory;

(5) Procedures for the evaluation of accumulations of unmeasured inventory and unmeasured losses; and

(6) A system of accounting and operating records.

(c)(1) The procedures must, unless otherwise specified in license or certificate conditions, conform to the facility information submitted by the licensee under § 75.10.

(2) Until facility information has been submitted by the applicant, licensee, or certificate holder, the procedures must be sufficient to document changes in the quantity of nuclear material in or at its facility. Observance of the procedures described in §§ 40.61 or 74.15 of this chapter (or the corresponding provisions of the regulations of an Agreement State) by any applicant, licensee, or certificate holder subject thereto constitutes compliance with this paragraph.

(e) The requirements of this section are in addition to any other requirements of this chapter, relating to material accounting and control, that may apply to the licensee.

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