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Information for Facilities, Locations, and Nuclear Material Outside Facilities

§ 75.10 Facilities.

(a) Each applicant, licensee, or certificate holder subject to the provisions of this Part shall submit facility information, in response to written notification from the NRC, with respect to any facility that the NRC indicates has been identified under the U.S.–IAEA Safeguards Agreement, the Initial Protocol to the Agreement, or meets the Additional Protocol reporting criteria, and in which the applicant, licensee, or certificate holder carries out licensed activities. (The NRC request must state whether the facility has been identified under Article 39(b) of the principal text of the U.S.–IAEA Safeguards Agreement or Article 2(a) of the Initial protocol.) The applicant, licensee, or certificate holder shall submit the requested information to the NRC within the period specified in the NRC’s request.

(b) Facility information includes:

(1) The identification of the facility, stating its general character, purpose, nominal capacity (thermal power level, in the case of power reactors), and geographic physical location, and the name and address to be used for routine purposes;

(2) A description of the general arrangement of the facility with reference, to the extent feasible, to the form, physical location and flow of nuclear material, and to the general layout of important items of equipment which use, produce, or process nuclear material;

(3) A description of features of the facility relating to material accounting, containment, and surveillance;

(4) A description of the existing and proposed procedures at the facility for nuclear material accounting and control, with special reference to material balance areas established by the licensee, measurement of flow, and procedures for physical inventory taking (As part of this description, the applicant, licensee, or certificate holder may identify a process step involving information that it deems to be commercially sensitive and for which it proposes that a special material balance area be established so as to restrict IAEA access to this information); and

(5) A map of the site and information on the size of the buildings and on the general nature of the activities conducted in each building.

(c) Each licensee or certificate holder shall thereafter submit to the NRC information with respect to any modification at the facility affecting the information referred to in paragraph (a) of this section. The following information must be submitted:

(1) Regarding a modification of a type described in the license or certificate conditions: At least 180 days before the modification is scheduled to be started, except that in an emergency or other unforeseen situation a shorter period may be approved by the NRC.

(2) Regarding any other modification relevant to the application of the provisions of the U.S.–IAEA Safeguards Agreement: At the time the first inventory change report is submitted after the modification is completed.

(d) The information specified in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, except for the information specified in paragraph (b)(5) of this section, must be prepared on IAEA approved Design Information Questionnaire forms (Form N–71 and associated forms or other forms supplied by the NRC). The information must be sufficiently detailed to enable knowledgeable determinations to be made in the development of Facility Attachments or amendments thereto, including:

(1) Identification of the features of facilities and nuclear material relevant to the application of safeguards to nuclear material in sufficient detail to facilitate verification;

(2) Determination of IAEA material balance areas to be used for IAEA accounting purposes and selection of those strategic points which are key measurement points and which will be used to determine flow and inventory of nuclear material;

(3) Establishment of the nominal timing and procedures for taking of physical inventories of nuclear material for IAEA accounting purposes;

(4) Establishment of the records and reports requirements and records evaluation procedures;

(5) Establishment of requirements and procedures for verification of the quantity and physical location of nuclear material;

(6) Selection of appropriate combinations of containment and surveillance methods and techniques at the strategic points at which they are to be applied; and

(7) Information on organizational responsibility for material accounting and control.

(e) Information specified in paragraph (b)(5) of this section must be submitted as specified by instructions for DOC/NRC Form AP–A and associated forms and shall contain a site map drawn to scale as an attachment.

(f) The applicant’s, licensee’s, or certificate holder’s security rules for physical protection that will impact the IAEA inspectors at the facility must be included in the facility information only when and to the extent specifically requested by the NRC.

(g) Health and safety rules that are to be observed by the IAEA inspectors at the facility must be included in the facility information.

(h) Information must be provided on the need to manage IAEA access to the facility to protect health and safety or to protect classified, proprietary, or other sensitive information, and on other protective measures that should be implemented should an IAEA access be requested.

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