Subpart B—General Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

§ 74.11 Reports of loss or theft or attempted theft or unauthorized production of special nuclear material.

(a) Each licensee who possesses one gram or more of contained uranium-235, uranium-233, or plutonium shall notify the NRC Operations Center within 1 hour of discovery of any loss or theft or other unlawful diversion of special nuclear material which the licensee is licensed to possess, or any incident in which an attempt has been made to commit a theft or unlawful diversion of special nuclear material. The requirement to report within 1 hour of discovery does not pertain to measured quantities of special nuclear material disposed of as discards or inventory difference quantities. Each licensee who operates an uranium enrichment facility shall notify the NRC Operations Center within 1 hour of discovery of any unauthorized production of enriched uranium. For centrifuge enrichment facilities the requirement to report enrichment levels greater than that authorized by license within 1 hour does not apply to each cascade during its start-up process, not to exceed the first 24 hours.

(b) This notification must be made to the NRC Operations Center via the Emergency Notification System if the licensee is party to that system. If the Emergency Notification System is inoperative or unavailable, the licensee shall make the required notification via commercial telephonic service or other dedicated telephonic system or any other method that will ensure that a report is received by the NRC Operations Center within one hour. The exemption of § 73.22(f)(3) applies to all telephonic reports required by this section.

(c) Notifications required under § 73.1200 of this chapter need not be duplicated under the requirements of this section.

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