§ 72.242 Recordkeeping and reports.

(a) Each certificate holder or applicant shall maintain any records and produce any reports that may be required by the conditions of the CoC or by the rules, regulations, and orders of the NRC in effectuating the purposes of the Act.

(b) Records that are required by the regulations in this part or by conditions of the CoC must be maintained for the period specified by the appropriate regulation or the CoC conditions. If a retention period is not specified, the records must be maintained until the NRC terminates the CoC.

(c) Any record maintained under this part may be either the original or a reproduced copy by any state-of-the-art method provided that any reproduced copy is duly authenticated by authorized personnel and is capable of producing a clear and legible copy after storage for the period specified by NRC regulations.

(d) Each certificate holder shall submit a written report to the NRC within 30 days of discovery of a design or fabrication deficiency, for any spent fuel storage cask which has been delivered to a licensee, when the design or fabrication deficiency affects the ability of structures, systems, and components important to safety to perform their intended safety function. The written report shall be sent to the NRC in accordance with the requirements of ยง 72.4. The report shall include the following:

(1) A brief abstract describing the deficiency, including all component or system failures that contributed to the deficiency and corrective action taken or planned to prevent recurrence;

(2) A clear, specific, narrative description of what occurred so that knowledgeable readers familiar with the design of the spent fuel storage cask, but not familiar with the details of a particular cask, can understand the deficiency. The narrative description shall include the following specific information as appropriate for the particular event:

(i) Dates and approximate times of discovery;

(ii) The cause of each component or system failure, if known;

(iii) The failure mode, mechanism, and effect of each failed component, if known;

(iv) A list of systems or secondary functions that were also affected for failures of components with multiple functions;

(v) The method of discovery of each component or system failure;

(vi) The manufacturer and model number (or other identification) of each component that failed during the event;

(vii) The model and serial numbers of the affected spent fuel storage casks;

(viii) The licensees that have affected spent fuel storage casks;

(3) An assessment of the safety consequences and implications of the deficiency. This assessment shall include the availability of other systems or components that could have performed the same function as the components and systems that were affected;

(4) A description of any corrective actions planned as a result of the deficiency, including those to reduce the probability of similar occurrences in the future;

(5) Reference to any previous similar deficiencies at the same facility that are known to the certificate holder; and

(6) The name and telephone number of a person within the certificate holder's organization who is knowledgeable about the deficiency and can provide additional information.

[64 FR 56127, Oct. 15, 1999]

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