§ 72.184 Safeguards contingency plan.

(a) The requirements of the licensee's safeguards contingency plan for responding to threats and radiological sabotage must be as defined in appendix C to part 73 of this chapter. This plan must include Background, Generic Planning Base, Licensee Planning Base, and Responsibility Matrix, the first four categories of information relating to nuclear facilities licensed under part 50 of this chapter. (The fifth and last category of information, Procedures, does not have to be submitted for approval.)

(b) The licensee shall prepare and maintain safeguards contingency plan procedures in accordance with appendix C to 10 CFR part 73 for effecting the actions and decisions contained in the Responsibility Matrix of the licensee's safeguards contingency plan. The licensee shall retain a copy of the current procedures as a record until the Commission terminates the license for which the procedures were developed and, if any portion of the procedures is superseded, retain the superseded material for three years after each change.

[53 FR 31658, Aug. 19, 1988, as amended at 57 FR 33429, July 29, 1992]

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