§ 72.174 Quality assurance records.

The licensee, applicant for a license, certificate holder, and applicant for a CoC shall maintain sufficient records to furnish evidence of activities affecting quality. The records must include the following: design records, records of use, and the results of reviews, inspections, tests, audits, monitoring of work performance, and materials analyses. The records must include closely related data such as qualifications of personnel, procedures, and equipment. Inspection and test records must, at a minimum, identify the inspector or data recorder, the type of observation, the results, the acceptability, and the action taken in connection with any noted deficiencies. Records must be identifiable and retrievable. Records pertaining to the design, fabrication, erection, testing, maintenance, and use of structures, systems, and components important to safety must be maintained by or under the control of the licensee or certificate holder until the NRC terminates the license or CoC.

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