§ 72.128 Criteria for spent fuel, high-level radioactive waste, and other radioactive waste storage and handling.

(a) Spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste storage and handling systems. Spent fuel storage, high-level radioactive waste storage, reactor-related GTCC waste storage and other systems that might contain or handle radioactive materials associated with spent fuel, high-level radioactive waste, or reactor-related GTCC waste, must be designed to ensure adequate safety under normal and accident conditions. These systems must be designed with--

(1) A capability to test and monitor components important to safety,

(2) Suitable shielding for radioactive protection under normal and accident conditions,

(3) Confinement structures and systems,

(4) A heat-removal capability having testability and reliability consistent with its importance to safety, and

(5) means to minimize the quantity of radioactive wastes generated.

(b) Waste treatment. Radioactive waste treatment facilities must be provided. Provisions must be made for the packing of site-generated low-level wastes in a form suitable for storage onsite awaiting transfer to disposal sites.

[53 FR 31658, Aug. 19, 1988, as amended at 66 FR 51843, Oct. 11, 2001]

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