§ 72.98 Identifying regions around an ISFSI or MRS site.

(a) The regional extent of external phenomena, man-made or natural, that are used as a basis for the design of the ISFSI or MRS must be identified.

(b) The potential regional impact due to the construction, operation or decommissioning of the ISFSI or MRS must be identified. The extent of regional impacts must be determined on the basis of potential measurable effects on the population or the environment from ISFSI or MRS activities.

(c) Those regions identified pursuant to paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section must be investigated as appropriate with respect to:

(1) The present and future character and the distribution of population,

(2) Consideration of present and projected future uses of land and water within the region, and

(3) Any special characteristics that may influence the potential consequences of a release of radioactive material during the operational lifetime of the ISFSI or MRS.

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