§ 72.80 Other records and reports.

(a) Each licensee shall maintain any records and make any reports that may be required by the conditions of the license or by the rules, regulations, and orders of the Commission in effectuating the purposes of the Act.

(b) Each licensee shall furnish a copy of its annual financial report, including the certified financial statements, to the Commission. However, licensees who submit a Form 10-Q with the Securities and Exchange Commission or a Form 1 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, need not submit the annual financial report or a certified financial statement under this paragraph.

(c) Records that are required by the regulations in this part or by the license conditions must be maintained for the period specified by the appropriate regulation or license condition. If a retention period is not otherwise specified, the above records must be maintained until the Commission terminates the license.

(d) Any record that must be maintained pursuant to this part may be either the original or a reproduced copy by any state of the art method provided that any reproduced copy is duly authenticated by authorized personnel and is capable of producing a clear and legible copy after storage for the period specified by Commission regulations.

(e) Before license termination, the licensee shall forward records required by § 20.2103(b)(4), of this chapter, and § 72.30(f) to the appropriate NRC Regional Office.

(f) If licensed activities are transferred or assigned in accordance with § 72.44(b)(1), the licensee shall transfer the records required by § 20.2103(b)(4), of this chapter, and § 72.30(f) to the new licensee and the new licensee will be responsible for maintaining these records until the license is terminated.

(g) Each specific licensee shall notify the Commission, in accordance with § 72.4, of its readiness to begin operation at least 90 days prior to the first storage of spent fuel, high-level waste, or reactor-related GTCC waste in an ISFSI or an MRS.

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