Subpart D--Records, Reports, Inspections, and Enforcement

§ 72.70 Safety analysis report updating.

(a) Each specific licensee for an ISFSI or MRS shall update periodically, as provided in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, the final safety analysis report (FSAR) to assure that the information included in the report contains the latest information developed.

(1) Each licensee shall submit an original FSAR to the Commission, in accordance with § 72.4, within 90 days after issuance of the license.

(2) The original FSAR shall be based on the safety analysis report submitted with the application and reflect any changes and applicant commitments developed during the license approval and/or hearing process.

(b) Each update shall contain all the changes necessary to reflect information and analyses submitted to the Commission by the licensee or prepared by the licensee pursuant to Commission requirement since the submission of the original FSAR or, as appropriate, the last update to the FSAR under this section. The update shall include the effects1 of:

(1) All changes made in the ISFSI or MRS or procedures as described in the FSAR;

(2) All safety analyses and evaluations performed by the licensee either in support of approved license amendments, or in support of conclusions that changes did not require a license amendment in accordance with § 72.48;

(3) All final analyses and evaluations of the design and performance of structures, systems, and components that are important to safety taking into account any pertinent information developed during final design, construction, and preoperational testing; and

(4) All analyses of new safety issues performed by or on behalf of the licensee at Commission request. The information shall be appropriately located within the updated FSAR.

(c)(1) The update of the FSAR must be filed in accordance with § 72.4. If the update is filed on paper, it should be filed on a page-replacement basis; if filed electronically, it should be filed on a full replacement basis. See Guidance for Electronic Submissions to the Commission at

(2) A paper update filed on a page-replacement basis must include a list that identifies the current pages of the FSAR following page replacement. If the update is filed electronically on a full replacement basis, it must include a list of changed pages.

(3) Each replacement page shall include both a change indicator for the area changed, e.g., a bold line vertically drawn in the margin adjacent to the portion actually changed, and a page change identification (date of change or change number or both);

(4) The update shall include:

(i) A certification by a duly authorized officer of the licensee that either the information accurately presents changes made since the previous submittal, or that no such changes were made; and

(ii) An identification of changes made under the provisions of § 72.48, but not previously submitted to the Commission;

(5) The update shall reflect all changes implemented up to a maximum of 6 months prior to the date of filing; and

(6) Updates shall be filed every 24 months from the date of issuance of the license.

(d) The updated FSAR shall be retained by the licensee until the Commission terminates the license.

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1. Effects of changes includes appropriate revisions of descriptions in the FSAR such that the FSAR (as updated) is complete and accurate.

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