§ 72.50 Transfer of license.

(a) No license or any part included in a license issued under this part for an ISFSI or MRS shall be transferred, assigned, or in any manner disposed of, either voluntarily or involuntarily, directly or indirectly, through transfer of control of the license to any person, unless the Commission gives its consent in writing.

(b)(1) An application for transfer of a license must include as much of the information described in §§ 72.22 and 72.28 with respect to the identity and the technical and financial qualifications of the proposed transferee as would be required by those sections if the application were for an initial license. The application must also include a statement of the purposes for which the transfer of the license is requested and the nature of the transaction necessitating or making desirable the transfer of the license.

(2) The Commission may require any person who submits an application for the transfer of a license pursuant to the provisions of this section to file a written consent from the existing licensee, or a certified copy of an order or judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, attesting to the person's right—subject to the licensing requirements of the Act and these regulations—to possession of the radioactive materials and the storage installation involved.

(3) The application shall describe the financial assurance that will be provided for the decommissioning of the facility under § 72.30.

(c) After appropriate notice to interested persons, including the existing licensee, and observance of such procedures as may be required by the Act or regulations or orders of the Commission, the Commission will approve an application for the transfer of a license, if the Commission determines that:

(1) The proposed transferee is qualified to be the holder of the license; and

(2) Transfer of the license is consistent with applicable provisions of the law, and the regulations and orders issued by the Commission.

[76 FR 35574, Jun. 17, 2011]

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