§ 72.22 Contents of application: General and financial information.

Each application must state:

(a) Full name of applicant;

(b) Address of applicant;

(c) Description of business or occupation of applicant;

(d) If applicant is:

(1) An individual: Citizenship and age;

(2) A partnership: Name, citizenship, and address of each partner and the principal location at which the partnership does business;

(3) A corporation or an unincorporated association:

(i) The State in which it is incorporated or organized and the principal location at which it does business; and

(ii) The names, addresses, and citizenship of its directors and principal officers;

(4) Acting as an agent or representative of another person in filing the application: The identification of the principal and the information required under this paragraph with respect to such principal.

(5) The Department of Energy:

(i) The identification of the DOE organization responsible for the construction and operation of the ISFSI or MRS, including a description of any delegations of authority and assignments of responsibilities.

(ii) For each application for a license for an MRS, the provisions of the public law authorizing the construction and operation of the MRS.

(e) Except for DOE, information sufficient to demonstrate to the Commission the financial qualifications of the applicant to carry out, in accordance with the regulations in this chapter, the activities for which the license is sought. The information must state the place at which the activity is to be performed, the general plan for carrying out the activity, and the period of time for which the license is requested. The information must show that the applicant either possesses the necessary funds, or that the applicant has reasonable assurance of obtaining the necessary; funds or that by a combination of the two, the applicant will have the necessary funds available to cover the following:

(1) Estimated construction costs;

(2) Estimated operating costs over the planned life of the ISFSI; and

(3) Estimated decommissioning costs, and the necessary financial arrangements to provide reasonable assurance before licensing, that decommissioning will be carried out after the removal of spent fuel, high-level radioactive waste, and/or reactor-related GTCC waste from storage.

(f) Each applicant for a license under this part to receive, transfer, and possess power reactor spent fuel, power reactor-related Greater than Class C (GTCC) waste, and other radioactive materials associated with spent fuel storage in an independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) shall protect Safeguards Information against unauthorized disclosure in accordance with the requirements in § 73.21 and the requirements of § 73.22 or § 73.23, as applicable.

[53 FR 31658, Aug. 19, 1988, as amended at 66 FR 51839, Oct. 11, 2001; 73 FR 63573, Oct. 24, 2008]

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