§ 71.87 Routine determinations.

Before each shipment of licensed material, the licensee shall ensure that the package with its contents satisfies the applicable requirements of this part and of the license. The licensee shall determine that --

(a) The package is proper for the contents to be shipped;

(b) The package is in unimpaired physical condition except for superficial defects such as marks or dents;

(c) Each closure device of the packaging, including any required gasket, is properly installed and secured and free of defects;

(d) Any system for containing liquid is adequately sealed and has adequate space or other specified provision for expansion of the liquid;

(e) Any pressure relief device is operable and set in accordance with written procedures;

(f) The package has been loaded and closed in accordance with written procedures;

(g) For fissile material, any moderator or neutron absorber, if required, is present and in proper condition;

(h) Any structural part of the package that could be used to lift or tie down the package during transport is rendered inoperable for that purpose, unless it satisfies the design requirements of § 71.45;

(i) The level of non-fixed (removable) radioactive contamination on the external surfaces of each package offered for shipment is as low as reasonably achievable, and within the limits specified in DOT regulations in 49 CFR 173.443;

(j) External radiation levels around the package and around the vehicle, if applicable, will not exceed the limits specified in § 71.47 at any time during transportation; and

(k) Accessible package surface temperatures will not exceed the limits specified in § 71.43(g) at any time during transportation.

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