§ 71.21 General license: Use of foreign approved package.

(a) A general license is issued to any licensee of the Commission to transport, or to deliver to a carrier for transport, licensed material in a package, the design of which has been approved in a foreign national competent authority certificate, that has been revalidated by the DOT as meeting the applicable requirements of 49 CFR 171.23.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the general license applies only to a licensee who has a quality assurance program approved by the Commission as satisfying the applicable provisions of subpart H of this part.

(c) This general license applies only to shipments made to or from locations outside the United States.

(d) Each licensee issued a general license under paragraph (a) of this section shall—

(1) Maintain a copy of the applicable certificate, the revalidation, and the drawings and other documents referenced in the certificate, relating to the use and maintenance of the packaging and to the actions to be taken before shipment; and

(2) Comply with the terms and conditions of the certificate and revalidation, and with the applicable requirements of subparts A, G, and H of this part.

[80 FR 34012, Jun. 12, 2015]

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