§ 70.65 Additional content of applications.

(a) In addition to the contents required by § 70.22, each application must include a description of the applicant's safety program established under § 70.62.

(b) The integrated safety analysis summary must be submitted with the license or renewal application (and amendment application as necessary), but shall not be incorporated in the license. However, changes to the integrated safety analysis summary shall meet the conditions of § 70.72. The integrated safety analysis summary must contain:

(1) A general description of the site with emphasis on those factors that could affect safety (i.e., meteorology, seismology);

(2) A general description of the facility with emphasis on those areas that could affect safety, including an identification of the controlled area boundaries;

(3) A description of each process (defined as a single reasonably simple integrated unit operation within an overall production line) analyzed in the integrated safety analysis in sufficient detail to understand the theory of operation; and, for each process, the hazards that were identified in the integrated safety analysis pursuant to § 70.62(c)(1)(i)-(iii) and a general description of the types of accident sequences;

(4) Information that demonstrates the licensee's compliance with the performance requirements of § 70.61, including a description of the management measures; the requirements for criticality monitoring and alarms in § 70.24; and, if applicable, the requirements of § 70.64;

(5) A description of the team, qualifications, and the methods used to perform the integrated safety analysis;

(6) A list briefly describing each item relied on for safety which is identified pursuant to § 70.61(e) in sufficient detail to understand their functions in relation to the performance requirements of § 70.61;

(7) A description of the proposed quantitative standards used to assess the consequences to an individual from acute chemical exposure to licensed material or chemicals produced from licensed materials which are on-site, or expected to be on-site as described in § 70.61(b)(4) and (c)(4);

(8) A descriptive list that identifies all items relied on for safety that are the sole item preventing or mitigating an accident sequence that exceeds the performance requirements of § 70.61; and

(9) A description of the definitions of unlikely, highly unlikely, and credible as used in the evaluations in the integrated safety analysis.

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