Subpart H--Additional Requirements for Certain Licensees Authorized To Possess a Critical Mass of Special Nuclear Material

Source: 65 FR 56226, Sept. 18, 2000, unless otherwise noted.

§ 70.60 Applicability.

The regulations in § 70.61 through § 70.76 apply, in addition to other applicable Commission regulations, to each applicant or licensee that is or plans to be authorized to possess greater than a critical mass of special nuclear material, and engaged in enriched uranium processing, fabrication of uranium fuel or fuel assemblies, uranium enrichment, enriched uranium hexafluoride conversion, plutonium processing, fabrication of mixed-oxide fuel or fuel assemblies, scrap recovery of special nuclear material, or any other activity that the Commission determines could significantly affect public health and safety. The regulations in § 70.61 through § 70.76 do not apply to decommissioning activities performed pursuant to other applicable Commission regulations including § 70.25 and § 70.38 of this part. Also, the regulations in § 70.61 through § 70.76 do not apply to activities that are certified by the Commission pursuant to part 76 of this chapter or licensed by the Commission pursuant to other parts of this chapter. Unless specifically addressed in § 70.61 through § 70.76, implementation by current licensees of the Subpart H requirements shall be completed no later than the time of the ISA Summary submittal required in § 70.62(c)(3)(ii).

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