Subpart F--Acquisition, Use, and Transfer of Special Nuclear Material, Creditors' Rights

§ 70.41 Authorized use of special nuclear material.

(a) Each licensee shall confine his possession and use of special nuclear material to the locations and purposes authorized in his license. Except as otherwise provided in the license, each license issued pursuant to the regulations in this part shall carry with it the right to receive title to, own, acquire, receive, possess and use special nuclear material. Preparation for shipment and transport of special nuclear material shall be in accordance with the provisions of part 71 of this chapter.

(b) The possession, use and transfer of any special nuclear material produced by a licensee, in connection with or as a result of use of special nuclear material received under his license, shall be subject to the provisions of the license and the regulations in this part.

[21 FR 764, Feb. 3, 1956, as amended at 38 FR 33970, Dec. 10, 1973; 43 FR 6925, Feb. 17, 1978]

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