Human-Intrusion Standard

§ 63.321 Individual protection standard for human intrusion.

(a) DOE must determine the earliest time after disposal that the waste package would degrade sufficiently that a human intrusion (see § 63.322) could occur without recognition by the drillers.

(b) DOE must demonstrate that there is a reasonable expectation that the reasonably maximally exposed individual receives, as a result of the human intrusion, no more than the following annual dose:

(1) 0.15 mSv (15 mrem) for 10,000 years following disposal; and

(2) 1.0 mSv (100 mrem) after 10,000 years, but within the period of geologic stability.

(c) DOE’s analysis must include all potential environmental pathways of radionuclide transport and exposure, subject to the requirements of § 63.322.

[74 FR 10829, Mar. 13, 2009]

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