§ 63.132 Confirmation of geotechnical and design parameters.

(a) During repository construction and operation, a continuing program of surveillance, measurement, testing, and geologic mapping must be conducted to ensure that geotechnical and design parameters are confirmed and to ensure that appropriate action is taken to inform the Commission of design changes needed to accommodate actual field conditions encountered.

(b) Subsurface conditions must be monitored and evaluated against design assumptions.

(c) Specific geotechnical and design parameters to be measured or observed, including any interactions between natural and engineered systems and components, must be identified in the performance confirmation plan.

(d) These measurements and observations must be compared with the original design bases and assumptions. If significant differences exist between the measurements and observations and the original design bases and assumptions, the need for modifications to the design or in construction methods must be determined and these differences, their significance to repository performance, and the recommended changes reported to the Commission.

(e) In situ monitoring of the thermomechanical response of the underground facility must be conducted until permanent closure, to ensure that the performance of the geologic and engineering features is within design limits.

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