Subpart F--Performance Confirmation Program

ยง 63.131 General requirements.

(a) The performance confirmation program must provide data that indicate, where practicable, whether:

(1) Actual subsurface conditions encountered and changes in those conditions during construction and waste emplacement operations are within the limits assumed in the licensing review; and

(2) Natural and engineered systems and components required for repository operation, and that are designed or assumed to operate as barriers after permanent closure, are functioning as intended and anticipated.

(b) The program must have been started during site characterization, and it will continue until permanent closure.

(c) The program must include in situ monitoring, laboratory and field testing, and in situ experiments, as may be appropriate to provide the data required by paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) The program must be implemented so that:

(1) It does not adversely affect the ability of the geologic and engineered elements of the geologic repository to meet the performance objectives.

(2) It provides baseline information and analysis of that information on those parameters and natural processes pertaining to the geologic setting that may be changed by site characterization, construction, and operational activities.

(3) It monitors and analyzes changes from the baseline condition of parameters that could affect the performance of a geologic repository.

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