§ 63.46 Particular activities requiring license amendment.

(a) Unless expressly authorized in the license, a license amendment is required for any of the following activities:

(1) Any action that would make emplaced high-level radioactive waste irretrievable or that would substantially increase the difficulty of retrieving the emplaced waste;

(2) Dismantling of structures;

(3) Removal or reduction of controls applied to restrict access to or avoid disturbance of the site and to areas outside the site where conditions may affect compliance with §§ 63.111 and 63.113;

(4) Destruction or disposal of records required to be maintained under the provisions of this part;

(5) Any substantial change to the design or operating procedures from that specified in the license, except as authorized in § 63.44; and

(6) Permanent closure.

(b) An application for an amendment must be filed, and will be reviewed, as specified in § 63.45.

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