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Subpart C--Issuance of a Commission Determination

§ 62.21 Determination for granting emergency access.

(a) Not later than (45) days after the receipt of a request for a Commission determination under this part from any generator of low-level radioactive waste, or any Governor on behalf of any generator or generators located in his or her State, the Commission shall determine whether --

(1) Emergency access to a regional disposal facility or a non-Federal disposal facility within a State that is not a member of a Compact for specific low-level radioactive waste is necessary because of an immediate and serious threat --

(i) To the public health and safety or

(ii) The common defense and security; and

(2) The threat cannot be mitigated by any alternative consistent with the public health and safety, including those identified in § 62.13.

(b) In making a determination under this section, the Commission shall be guided by the criteria set forth in § 62.25 of this part.

(c) A determination under this section must be in writing and contain a full explanation of the facts upon which the determination is based and the reasons for granting or denying the request. An affirmative determination must designate an appropriate non-Federal or regional LLW disposal facility or facilities for the disposal of wastes, specifically describe the low-level radioactive waste as to source, physical and radiological characteristics, and the minimum volume and duration (not to exceed 180 days) necessary to eliminate the immediate threat to public health and safety or the common defense and security. It may also contain conditions upon which the determination is dependent.

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