§ 61.73 Commission approval of proposals.

(a) Upon receipt of a proposal submitted in accordance with ยง 61.72, the Director shall arrange for a meeting between the representatives of the State or Tribal governing body and the Commission staff to discuss the proposal and to ensure full and effective participation by the State or Tribe in the Commission's license review.

(b) If requested by a State or Tribal governing body, the Director may approve all or any part of a proposal if the Director determines that:

(1) The proposed activities are within the scope of Commission statutory responsibility and the type and magnitude of impacts which the State or Tribe may bear are sufficient to justify their participation; and

(2) The proposed activities will contribute productively to the licensing review.

(c) The decision of the Director will be transmitted in writing to the governor or the designated official of the Tribal governing body.

(d) Participation by a State or Indian Tribe shall not affect their rights to participate in an adjudicatory hearing as provided by part 2 of this chapter.

[80 FR 74980, Dec. 1, 2015]

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