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§ 61.30 Transfer of license.

(a) Following closure and the period of post-closure observation and maintenance, the licensee may apply for an amendment to transfer the license to the disposal site owner. The license shall be transferred when the Commission finds:

(1) That the closure of the disposal site has been made in conformance with the licensee's disposal site closure plan, as amended and approved as part of the license;

(2) That reasonable assurance has been provided by the licensee that the performance objectives of subpart C of this part are met;

(3) That any funds for care and records required by §§ 61.80 (e) and (f) have been transferred to the disposal site owner;

(4) That the post-closure monitoring program is operational for implementation by the disposal site owner; and

(5) That the Federal or State government agency which will assume responsibility for institutional control of the disposal site is prepared to assume responsibility and ensure that the institutional requirements found necessary under § 61.23(g) will be met.

[47 FR 57463, Dec. 27, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 24674, May 16, 1996]

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