Design Criteria for the Geological Repository Operations Area

§ 60.130 General considerations.

(a) Pursuant to the provisions of § 60.21(c)(2)(i), an application for construction authorization for a high-level radioactive waste repository at a geologic repository operations area, and an application for a license to receive, possess, store, and dispose of high-level radioactive waste in the geologic repository operations area, must include the principal design criteria for a proposed facility. The principal design criteria establish the necessary design, fabrication, construction, testing, maintenance, and performance requirements for structures, systems, and components important to safety and/or important to waste isolation. Sections 60.131 through 60.134 specify minimum requirements for the principal design criteria for the geologic repository operations area.

(b) These design criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. However, omissions in §§ 60.131 through 60.134 do not relieve DOE from any obligation to provide such features in a specific facility needed to achieve the performance objectives.

[61 FR 64269, Dec. 4, 1996; 69 FR 2280, Jan. 14, 2004]

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