Land Ownership and Control

ยง 60.121 Requirements for ownership and control of interests in land.

(a) Ownership of land. (1) Both the geologic repository operations area and the postclosure controlled area shall be located in and on lands that are either acquired lands under the jurisdiction and control of DOE, or lands permanently withdrawn and reserved for its use.

(2) These lands shall be held free and clear of all encumbrances, if significant, such as: (i) Rights arising under the general mining laws; (ii) easements for right-of-way; and (iii) all other rights arising under lease, rights of entry, deed, patent, mortgage, appropriation, prescription, or otherwise.

(b) Additional controls. Appropriate controls shall be established outside of the postclosure controlled area. DOE shall exercise any jurisdiction and control over surface and subsurface estates necessary to prevent adverse human actions that could significantly reduce the geologic repository's ability to achieve isolation. The rights of DOE may take the form of appropriate possessory interests, servitudes, or withdrawals from location or patent under the general mining laws.

(c) Water rights. (1) DOE shall also have obtained such water rights as may be needed to accomplish the purpose of the geologic repository operations area.

(2) Water rights are included in the additional controls to be established under paragraph (b) of this section.

[48 FR 28222, June 21, 1983, as amended at 61 FR 64268, Dec. 4, 1996]

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