§ 60.75 Inspections.

(a) DOE shall allow the Commission to inspect the premises of the geologic repository operations area and adjacent areas to which DOE has rights of access.

(b) DOE shall make available to the Commission for inspection, upon reasonable notice, records kept by DOE pertaining to activities under this part.

(c)(1) DOE shall upon requests by the Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, provide rent-free office space for the exclusive use of the Commission inspection personnel. Heat, air-conditioning, light, electrical outlets and janitorial services shall be furnished by DOE. The office shall be convenient to and have full access to the facility and shall provide the inspector both visual and acoustic privacy.

(2) The space provided shall be adequate to accommodate a full-time inspector, a part-time secretary and transient NRC personnel and will be generally commensurate with other office facilities at the geologic repository operations area. A space of 250 square feet either within the geologic repository operations area's office complex or in an office trailer or other onsite space at the geologic repository operations area is suggested as a guide. For locations at which activities are carried out under licenses issued under other parts of this chapter, additional space may be requested to accommodate additional full-time inspectors. The Office space that is provided shall be subject to the approval of the Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards. All furniture, supplies and communication equipment will be furnished by the Commission.

(3) DOE shall afford any NRC resident inspector assigned to that location, or other NRC inspectors identified by the Regional Administrator as likely to inspect the facility, immediate unfettered access, equivalent to access provided regular employees, following proper identification and compliance with applicable access control measures for security, radiological protection and personal safety.

[48 FR 28222, June 21, 1983, as amended at 52 FR 31612, Aug. 21, 1987; 76 FR 72086, Nov. 22, 2011]

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