§ 60.63 Participation in license reviews.

(a) State, local governmental bodies, and affected, Federally-recognized Indian Tribes may participate in license reviews as provided in subpart J of part 2 of this chapter. A State in which a repository for high-level radioactive waste is proposed to be located and any affected, Federally-recognized Indian Tribe shall have an unquestionable legal right to participate as a party in such proceedings.

(b) In addition, whenever an area has been approved by the President for site characterization, a State or an affected Indian Tribe may submit to the Director a proposal to facilitate its participation in the review of a site characterization plan and/or license application. The proposal may be submitted at any time and must contain a description and schedule of how the State or affected Indian Tribe wishes to participate in the review, or what services or activities the State or affected Indian Tribe wishes NRC to carry out, and how the services or activities proposed to be carried out by NRC would contribute to such participation. The proposal may include educational or information services (seminars, public meetings) or other actions on the part of NRC, such as employment or exchange of State personnel under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act.

(c) The Director shall arrange for a meeting between the representatives of the State or affected Indian Tribe and the NRC staff to discuss any proposal submitted under paragraph (b) of this section, with a view to identifying any modifications that may contribute to the effective participation by such State or Tribe.

(d) Subject to the availability of funds, the Director shall approve all or any part of a proposal, as it may be modified through the meeting described above, if it is determined that:

(1) The proposed activities are suitable in light of the type and magnitude of impacts which the State or affected Indian Tribe may bear;

(2) The proposed activities:

(i) Will enhance communications between NRC and the State or affected Indian Tribe;

(ii) Will make a productive and timely contribution to the review; and

(iii) Are authorized by law.

(e) The Director will advise the State or affected Indian Tribe whether its proposal has been accepted or denied, and if all or any part of proposal is denied, the Director shall state the reason for the denial.

(f) Proposals submitted under this section, and responses thereto, shall be made available at the NRC Web site, http://www.nrc.gov, and/or at the NRC Public Document Room.

[51 FR 27164, July 30, 1986, as amended at 64 FR 48954, Sept. 9, 1999; 69 FR 2279, Jan. 14, 2004]

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