§ 60.43 License specification.

(a) A license issued under this part shall include license conditions derived from the analyses and evaluations included in the application, including amendments made before a license is issued, together with such additional conditions as the Commission finds appropriate.

(b) License conditions shall include items in the following categories:

(1) Restrictions as to the physical and chemical form and radioisotopic content of radioactive waste.

(2) Restrictions as to size, shape, and materials and methods of construction of radioactive waste packaging.

(3) Restrictions as to the amount of waste permitted per unit volume of storage space considering the physical characteristics of both the waste and the host rock.

(4) Requirements relating to test, calibration, or inspection to assure that the foregoing restrictions are observed.

(5) Controls to be applied to restricted access and to avoid disturbance to the postclosure controlled area and to areas outside the controlled area where conditions may affect isolation within the controlled area.

(6) Administrative controls, which are the provisions relating to organization and management, procedures, recordkeeping, review and audit, and reporting necessary to assure that activities at the facility are conducted in a safe manner and in conformity with the other license specifications.

[46 FR 13980, Feb. 25, 1981, as amended at 48 FR 28221, June 21, 1983; 61 FR 64268, Dec. 4, 1996]

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