§ 60.32 Conditions of construction authorization.

(a) A construction authorization shall include such conditions as the Commission finds to be necessary to protect the health and safety of the public, the common defense and security, or environmental values.

(b) The Commission will incorporate in the construction authorization provisions requiring DOE to furnish periodic or special reports regarding: (1) Progress of construction, (2) any data about the site obtained during construction which are not within the predicted limits upon which the facility design was based, (3) any deficiencies in design and construction which, if uncorrected, could adversely affect safety at any future time, and (4) results of research and development programs being conducted to resolve safety questions.

(c) The construction authorization will include restrictions on subsequent changes to the features of the geologic repository and the procedures authorized. The restrictions that may be imposed under this paragraph can include measures to prevent adverse effects on the geologic setting as well as measures related to the design and construction of the geologic repository operations area. These restrictions will fall into three categories of descending importance to public health and safety as follows: (1) Those features and procedures which may not be changed without: (i) 60 days prior notice to the Commission (ii) 30 days notice of opportunity for a prior hearing, and (iii) prior Commission approval; (2) those features and procedures which may not be changed without (i) 60 days prior notice to the Commission, and (ii) prior Commission approval; and (3) those features and procedures which may not be changed without 60 days notice to the Commission. Features and procedures falling in paragraph (c)(3) of this section may not be changed without prior Commission approval if the Commission, after having received the required notice, so orders.

(d) A construction authorization shall be subject to the limitation that a license to receive and possess source, special nuclear, or byproduct material at the geologic repository operations area shall not be issued by the Commission until (1) the DOE has updated its application as specified in § 60.24, and (2) the Commission has made the findings stated in § 60.41.

[46 FR 13980, Feb. 25, 1981, as amended at 48 FR 28221, June 21, 1983]

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