§ 60.17 Contents of site characterization plan.

The site characterization plan shall contain--

(a) A general plan for site characterization activities to be conducted at the area to be characterized, which general plan shall include:

(1) A description of such area, including information on quality assurance programs that have been applied to the collection, recording, and retention of information used in preparing such description.

(2) A description of such site characterization activities, including the following--

(i) The extent of planned excavations;

(ii) Plans for any onsite testing with radioactive material, including radioactive tracers, or nonradioactive material;

(iii) Plans for any investigation activities that may affect the capability of such area to isolate high-level radioactive waste;

(iv) Plans to control any adverse impacts from such site characterization activities that are important to safety or that are important to waste isolation; and

(v) Plans to apply quality assurance to data collection, recording, and retention.

(3) Plans for the decontamination and decommissioning of such area, and for the mitigation of any significant adverse environmental impacts caused by site characterization activities, if such area is determined unsuitable for application for a construction authorization for a geologic repository operations area;

(4) Criteria, developed pursuant to section 112(a) of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, to be used to determine the suitability of such area for the location of a geologic repository; and

(5) Any other information which the Commission, by rule or order, requires.

(b) A description of the possible waste form or waste package for the high-level radioactive waste to be emplaced in such geologic repository, a description (to the extent practicable) of the relationship between such waste form or waste package and the host rock at such area, and a description of the activities being conducted by DOE with respect to such possible waste form or waste package or their relationship; and

(c) A conceptual design for the geologic repository operations area that takes into account likely site-specific requirements.

[51 FR 27163, July 30, 1986]

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