Subpart B--Licenses

Preapplication Review

ยง 60.15 Site characterization.

(a) Prior to submittal of an application for a license to be issued under this part DOE shall conduct a program of site characterization with respect to the site to be described in such application.

(b) Unless the Commission determines with respect to the site described in the application that it is not necessary, site characterization shall include a program of in situ exploration and testing at the depths that wastes would be emplaced.

(c) The program of site characterization shall be conducted in accordance with the following:

(1) Investigations to obtain the required information shall be conducted in such a manner as to limit adverse effects on the long-term performance of the geologic repository to the extent practical.

(2) The number of exploratory boreholes and shafts shall be limited to the extent practical consistent with obtaining the information needed for site characterization.

(3) To the extent practical, exploratory boreholes and shafts in the geologic repository operations area shall be located where shafts are planned for underground facility construction and operation or where large unexcavated pillars are planned.

(4) Subsurface exploratory drilling, excavation, and in situ testing before and during construction shall be planned and coordinated with geologic repository operations area design and construction.

[46 FR 13980, Feb. 25, 1981, as amended at 48 FR 28219, June 21, 1983. Redesignated and amended at 51 FR 27162, July 30, 1986; 54 FR 27871, July 3, 1989]

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