§ 55.57 Renewal of licenses.

(a) The applicant for renewal of a license shall --

(1) Complete and sign Form NRC-398 and include the number of the license for which renewal is sought.

(2) File an original of NRC Form 398 with the appropriate Regional Administrator specified in § 55.5(b).

(3) Provide written evidence of the applicant's experience under the existing license and the approximate number of hours that the licensee has operated the facility.

(4) Provide a statement by an authorized representative of the facility licensee that during the effective term of the current license the applicant has satisfactorily completed the requalification program for the facility for which operator or senior operator license renewal is sought.

(5) Provide evidence that the applicant has discharged the license responsibilities competently and safely. The Commission may accept as evidence of the applicant's having met this requirement a certificate of an authorized representative of the facility licensee or holder of an authorization by which the licensee has been employed.

(6) Provide certification by the facility licensee of medical condition and general health on Form NRC-396, to comply with §§ 55.21, 55.23 and 55.27.

(b) The license will be renewed if the Commission finds that --

(1) The medical condition and the general health of the licensee continue to be such as not to cause operational errors that endanger public health and safety. The Commission will base this finding upon the certification by the facility licensee as described in § 55.23.

(2) The licensee --

(i) Is capable of continuing to competently and safely assume licensed duties;

(ii) Has successfully completed a requalification program that has been approved by the Commission as required by § 55.59; and

(iii) Has passed the requalification examinations and annual operating tests as required by § 55.59.

(3) There is a continued need for a licensee to operate or for a senior operator to direct operators at the facility designated in the application.

(4) The past performance of the licensee has been satisfactory to the Commission. In making its finding, the Commission will include in its evaluation information such as notices of violations or letters of reprimand in the licensee's docket.

[52 FR 9460, Mar. 25, 1987, as amended at 59 FR 5938, Feb. 9, 1994; 68 FR 58813, Oct. 10, 2003]

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