§ 55.45 Operating tests.

(a) Content. The operating tests administered to applicants for operator and senior operator licenses in accordance with paragraph (b)(1) of this section are generally similar in scope. The content will be identified, in part, from learning objectives derived from a systematic analysis of licensed operator or senior operator duties performed by each facility licensee and contained in its training program and from information in the Final Safety Analysis Report, system description manuals and operating procedures, facility license and license amendments, Licensee Event Reports, and other materials requested from the facility licensee by the Commission. The operating test, to the extent applicable, requires the applicant to demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to perform the actions necessary to accomplish a representative sample from among the following 13 items.

(1) Perform pre-startup procedures for the facility, including operating of those controls associated with plant equipment that could affect reactivity.

(2) Manipulate the console controls as required to operate the facility between shutdown and designated power levels.

(3) Identify annunciators and condition-indicating signals and perform appropriate remedial actions where appropriate.

(4) Identify the instrumentation systems and the significance of facility instrument readings.

(5) Observe and safely control the operating behavior characteristics of the facility.

(6) Perform control manipulations required to obtain desired operating results during normal, abnormal, and emergency situations.

(7) Safely operate the facility's heat removal systems, including primary coolant, emergency coolant, and decay heat removal systems, and identify the relations of the proper operation of these systems to the operation of the facility.

(8) Safely operate the facility's auxiliary and emergency systems, including operation of those controls associated with plant equipment that could affect reactivity or the release of radioactive materials to the environment.

(9) Demonstrate or describe the use and function of the facility's radiation monitoring systems, including fixed radiation monitors and alarms, portable survey instruments, and personnel monitoring equipment.

(10) Demonstrate knowledge of significant radiation hazards, including permissible levels in excess of those authorized, and ability to perform other procedures to reduce excessive levels of radiation and to guard against personnel exposure.

(11) Demonstrate knowledge of the emergency plan for the facility, including, as appropriate, the operator's or senior operator's responsibility to decide whether the plan should be executed and the duties under the plan assigned.

(12) Demonstrate the knowledge and ability as appropriate to the assigned position to assume the responsibilities associated with the safe operation of the facility.

(13) Demonstrate the applicant's ability to function within the control room team as appropriate to the assigned position, in such a way that the facility licensee's procedures are adhered to and that the limitations in its license and amendments are not violated.

(b) Implementation--Administration. The operating test will be administered in a plant walkthrough and in either--

(1) A simulation facility that the Commission has approved for use after application has been made by the facility licensee under § 55.46(b);

(2) A plant-referenced simulator (§ 55.46(c)); or

(3) The plant, if approved for use in the administration of the operating test by the Commission under § 55.46(b).

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