§ 55.43 Written examination: Senior operators.

(a) Content. The written examination for a senior operator will contain a representative selection of questions on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform licensed senior operator duties. The knowledge, skills, and abilities will be identified, in part, from learning objectives derived from a systematic analysis of licensed senior operator duties performed by each facility licensee and contained in its training program and from information in the Final Safety Analysis Report, system description manuals and operating procedures, facility license and license amendments, Licensee Event Reports, and other materials requested from the facility licensee by the Commission.

(b) The written examination for a senior operator for a facility will include a representative sample from among the following seven items and the 14 items specified in ยง 55.41 of this part, to the extent applicable to the facility:

(1) Conditions and limitations in the facility license.

(2) Facility operating limitations in the technical specifications and their bases.

(3) Facility licensee procedures required to obtain authority for design and operating changes in the facility.

(4) Radiation hazards that may arise during normal and abnormal situations, including maintenance activities and various contamination conditions.

(5) Assessment of facility conditions and selection of appropriate procedures during normal, abnormal, and emergency situations.

(6) Procedures and limitations involved in initial core loading, alterations in core configuration, control rod programming, and determination of various internal and external effects on core reactivity.

(7) Fuel handling facilities and procedures.

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