§ 55.33 Disposition of an initial application.

(a) Requirements for the approval of an initial application. The Commission will approve an initial application for a license pursuant to the regulations in this part, if it finds that --

(1) Health. The applicant’s medical condition and general health will not adversely affect the performance of assigned operator job duties or cause operational errors endangering public health and safety. The Commission will base its finding upon the certification by the facility licensee as detailed in § 55.23.

(2) Written examination and operating test. The applicant has passed the requisite written examination and operating test in accordance with §§ 55.41 and 55.45 or 55.43 and 55.45. These examinations and tests determine whether the applicant for an operator's license has learned to operate a facility competently and safely, and additionally, in the case of a senior operator, whether the applicant has learned to direct the licensed activities of licensed operators competently and safely.

(b) Conditional license. If an applicant's general medical condition does not meet the minimum standards under § 55.33(a)(1) of this part, the Commission may approve the application and include conditions in the license to accommodate the medical defect. The Commission will consider the recommendations and supporting evidence of the facility licensee and of the examining physician (provided on Form NRC-396) in arriving at its decision.

[86 FR 67843, Nov. 30, 2021]

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