Subpart D—Applications

§ 55.31 How to apply.

(a) The applicant shall:

(1) Complete NRC Form 398, "Personal Qualification Statement--Licensee," which can be obtained by writing the Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001, by calling (301) 415-5877, or by visiting the NRC's Web site at and selecting forms from the index found on the home page;

(2) File an original of NRC Form 398, together with the information required in paragraphs (a)(3), (4), (5) and (6) of this section, with the appropriate Regional Administrator;

(3) Submit a written request from an authorized representative of the facility licensee by which the applicant will be employed that the written examination and operating test be administered to the applicant;

(4) Provide evidence that the applicant has successfully completed the facility licensee's requirements to be licensed as an operator or senior operator and of the facility licensee's need for an operator or a senior operator to perform assigned duties. An authorized representative of the facility licensee shall certify this evidence on Form NRC-398. This certification must include details of the applicant's qualifications, and details on courses of instruction administered by the facility licensee, and describe the nature of the training received at the facility, and the startup and shutdown experience received. In lieu of these details, the Commission may accept certification that the applicant has successfully completed a Commission-approved training program that is based on a systems approach to training and that uses a simulation facility acceptable to the Commission under § 55.45(b) of this part;

(5) Provide evidence that the applicant, as a trainee, has successfully manipulated the controls of either the facility for which a license is sought or a plant-referenced simulator that meets the requirements of § 55.46(c). At a minimum, five significant control manipulations must be performed that affect reactivity or power level. Control manipulations performed on the plant-referenced simulator may be chosen from a representative sampling of the control manipulations and plant evolutions described in § 55.59(c)(3)(i)(A-F), (R), (T), (W), and (X) of this part, as applicable to the design of the plant for which the license application is submitted. For licensed operators applying for a senior operator license, certification that the operator has successfully operated the controls of the facility as a licensed operator shall be accepted; and

(6) Provide certification by the facility licensee of medical condition and general health on Form NRC - 396, to comply with §§ 55.21, 55.23 and 55.33(a)(1).

(b) The Commission may at any time after the application has been filed, and before the license has expired, require further information under oath or affirmation in order to enable it to determine whether to grant or deny the application or whether to revoke, modify, or suspend the license.

(c) An applicant whose application has been denied because of a medical condition or general health may submit a further medical report at any time as a supplement to the application.

(d) Each application and statement must contain complete and accurate disclosure as to all matters required to be disclosed. The applicant shall sign statements required by paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section.

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