§ 52.158 Contents of application; additional technical information.

The application must contain:

(a)(1) Inspections, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria (ITAAC). The proposed inspections, tests, and analyses that the licensee who will be operating the reactor shall perform, and the acceptance criteria that are necessary and sufficient to provide reasonable assurance that, if the inspections, tests, and analyses are performed and the acceptance criteria met:

(i) The reactor has been manufactured in conformity with the manufacturing license; the provisions of the Act, and the Commission's rules and regulations; and

(ii) The manufactured reactor will be operated in conformity with the approved design and any license authorizing operation of the manufactured reactor.

(2) If the application references a standard design certification, the ITAAC contained in the certified design must apply to those portions of the facility design which are covered by the design certification.

(3) If the application references a standard design certification, the application may include a notification that a required inspection, test, or analysis in the design certification ITAAC has been successfully completed and that the corresponding acceptance criterion has been met. The Federal Register notification required by ยง 52.163 must indicate that the application includes this notification.

(b)(1) An environmental report as required by 10 CFR 51.54.

(2) If the manufacturing license application references a standard design certification, the environmental report need not contain a discussion of severe accident mitigation design alternatives for the reactor.

[72 FR 49542, Aug. 28, 2007]

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