§ 52.73 Relationship to other subparts.

(a) An application for a combined license under this subpart may, but need not, reference a standard design certification, standard design approval, or manufacturing license issued under subparts B, E, or F of this part, respectively, or an early site permit issued under subpart A of this part. In the absence of a demonstration that an entity other than the one originally sponsoring and obtaining a design certification is qualified to supply a design, the Commission will entertain an application for a combined license that references a standard design certification issued under subpart B of this part only if the entity that sponsored and obtained the certification supplies the design for the applicant's use.

(b) The Commission will require, before granting a combined license that references a standard design certification, that information normally contained in certain procurement specifications and construction and installation specifications be completed and available for audit if the information is necessary for the Commission to make its safety determinations, including the determination that the application is consistent with the certification information.

[72 FR 49530, Aug. 28, 2007]

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