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§ 52.55 Duration of certification.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, a standard design certification issued under this subpart is valid for 15 years from the date of issuance.

(b) A standard design certification continues to be valid beyond the date of expiration in any proceeding on an application for a combined license or an operating license that references the standard design certification and is docketed either before the date of expiration of the certification, or, if a timely application for renewal of the certification has been filed, before the Commission has determined whether to renew the certification. A design certification also continues to be valid beyond the date of expiration in any hearing held under § 52.103 before operation begins under a combined license that references the design certification.

(c) An applicant for a construction permit or a combined license may, at its own risk, reference in its application a design for which a design certification application has been docketed but not granted.

[72 FR 49529, Aug. 28, 2007]

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