§ 51.119 Publication of finding of no significant impact; distribution.

(a) As required by § 51.35, the appropriate NRC staff director will publish the finding of no significant impact in the Federal Register. The finding of no significant impact will be identified as a draft or final finding, and will contain the information specified in §§ 51.32 or 51.33, as appropriate. A draft finding of no significant impact will include a request for comments which specifies where comments should be submitted and when the comment period expires.

(b) The finding will state that copies of the finding, the environmental assessment setting forth the basis for the finding and any related environmental documents are available for public inspection and where inspection may be made.

(c) A copy of a final finding will be sent to appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies, and Indian Tribes, appropriate State, regional, and metropolitan clearinghouses, the applicant or petitioner for rulemaking and any other party to the proceeding, and if a draft finding was issued, to each commenter. Additional copies will be made available in accordance with § 51.123.

[80 FR 74980, Dec. 1, 2015]

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