§ 51.73 Request for comments on draft environmental impact statement.

Each draft environmental impact statement and each supplement to a draft environmental impact statement distributed in accordance with § 51.74, and each news release provided pursuant to § 51.74(d) will be accompanied by or include a request for comments on the proposed action and on the draft environmental impact statement or any supplement to the draft environmental impact statement and will state where comments should be submitted and the date on which the comment period closes. A minimum comment period of 45 days will be provided. The comment period will be calculated from the date on which the Environmental Protection Agency notice stating that the draft statement or the supplement to the draft statement has been filed with EPA is published in the Federal Register. If no comments are provided within the time specified, it will be presumed, unless the agency or person requests an extension of time, that the agency or person has no comment to make. To the extent practicable, NRC staff will grant reasonable requests for extensions of time of up to fifteen (15) days.

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