Appendix N to Part 50—Standardization of Nuclear Power Plant Designs: Permits To Construct and Licenses To Operate Nuclear Power Reactors of Identical Design at Multiple Sites

Section 101 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and § 50.10 of this part require a Commission license to transfer or receive in interstate commerce, manufacture, produce, transfer, acquire, possess, use, import or export any production or utilization facility. The regulations in this part require the issuance of a construction permit by the Commission before commencement of construction of a production or utilization facility, except as provided in § 50.10(e), and the issuance of an operating license before operation of the facility.

The Commission's regulations in Part 2 of this chapter specifically provide for the holding of hearings on particular issues separately from other issues involved in hearings in licensing proceedings (§ 2.761a, Appendix A, section I(c)), and for the consolidation of adjudicatory proceedings and of the presentations of parties in adjudicatory proceedings such as licensing proceedings (§§ 2.715a, 2.716).

This appendix sets out the particular requirements and provisions applicable to situations in which applications are filed by one or more applicants for licenses to construct and operate nuclear power reactors of essentially the same design to be located at different sites.1

1. Except as otherwise specified in this appendix or as the context otherwise indicates, the provisions of this part applicable to construction permits and operating licenses, including the requirement in § 50.58 for review of the application by the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards and the holding of public hearings, apply to construction permits and operating licenses subject to this Appendix N.

2. Applications for construction permits submitted pursuant to this appendix must include the information required by §§ 50.33, 50.34(a) and 50.34a(a) and (b) and be submitted as specified in § 50.4. The applicant shall also submit the information required by § 51.50 of this chapter.

For the technical information required by §§ 50.34(a) (1) through (5) and (8) and 50.34a (a) and (b), reference may be made to a single preliminary safety analysis of the design2 which, for the purposes of § 50.34(a)(1) includes one set of site parameters postulated for the design of the reactors, and an analysis and evaluation of the reactors in terms of such postulated site parameters. Such single preliminary safety analysis shall also include information pertaining to design features of the proposed reactors that affect plans for coping with emergencies in the operation of the reactors, and shall describe the quality assurance program with respect to aspects of design, fabrication, procurement and construction that are common to all of the reactors.

3. Applications for operating licenses submitted pursuant to this Appendix N shall include the information required by §§ 50.33, 50.34(b) and (c), and 50.34a(c). The applicant shall also submit the information required by § 51.53 of this chapter. For the technical information required by §§ 50.34(b)(2) through (5) and 50.34a(c), reference may be made to a single final safety analysis of the design.

[40 FR 2977, Jan. 17, 1975, as amended at 49 FR 9405, Mar. 12, 1984; 51 FR 40311, Nov. 6, 1986; 70 FR 61888, Oct. 27, 2005; 72 FR 49508, Aug. 28, 2007]

1 If the design for the power reactor(s) proposed in a particular application is not identical to the others, that application may not be processed under this appendix and Subpart D of Part 2 of this chapter.

2 As used in this appendix, the design of a nuclear power reactor included in a single referenced safety analysis report means the design of those structures, systems and components important to radiological health and safety and the common defense and security.

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