§ 50.92 Issuance of amendment

(a) In determining whether an amendment to a license, construction permit, or early site permit will be issued to the applicant, the Commission will be guided by the considerations which govern the issuance of initial licenses, construction permits, or early site permits to the extent applicable and appropriate. If the application involves the material alteration of a licensed facility, a construction permit will be issued before the issuance of the amendment to the license, provided however, that if the application involves a material alteration to a nuclear power reactor manufactured under part 52 of this chapter before its installation at a site, or a combined license before the date that the Commission makes the finding under § 52.103(g) of this chapter, no application for a construction permit is required. If the amendment involves a significant hazards consideration, the Commission will give notice of its proposed action:

(1) Under § 2.105 of this chapter before acting thereon; and

(2) As soon as practicable after the application has been docketed.

(b) The Commission will be particularly sensitive to a license amendment request that involves irreversible consequences (such as one that permits a significant increase in the amount of effluents or radiation emitted by a nuclear power plant).

(c) The Commission may make a final determination, under the procedures in § 50.91, that a proposed amendment to an operating license or a combined license for a facility or reactor licensed under §§ 50.21(b) or 50.22, or for a testing facility involves no significant hazards consideration, if operation of the facility in accordance with the proposed amendment would not:

(1) Involve a significant increase in the probability or consequences of an accident previously evaluated; or

(2) Create the possibility of a new or different kind of accident from any accident previously evaluated; or

(3) Involve a significant reduction in a margin of safety.

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