§ 39.73 Documents and records required at field stations.

Each licensee shall maintain the following documents and records at the field station:

(a) A copy of parts 19, 20, and 39 of NRC regulations;

(b) The license authorizing the use of licensed material;

(c) Operating and emergency procedures required by § 39.63;

(d) The record of radiation survey instrument calibrations required by § 39.33;

(e) The record of leak test results required by § 39.35;

(f) Physical inventory records required by § 39.37;

(g) Utilization records required by § 39.39;

(h) Records of inspection and maintenance required by § 39.43;

(i) Training records required by § 39.61(d); and

(j) Survey records required by § 39.67.

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