Subpart C--Equipment

§ 39.31 Labels, security, and transportation precautions.

(a) Labels. (1) The licensee may not use a source, source holder, or logging tool that contains licensed material unless the smallest component that is transported as a separate piece of equipment with the licensed material inside bears a durable, legible, and clearly visible marking or label. The marking or label must contain the radiation symbol specified in § 20.1901(a), without the conventional color requirements, and the wording "DANGER (or CAUTION) RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL."

(2) The licensee may not use a container to store licensed material unless the container has securely attached to it a durable, legible, and clearly visible label. The label must contain the radiation symbol specified in § 20.1901(a) of this chapter and the wording "CAUTION (or DANGER), RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, NOTIFY CIVIL AUTHORITIES (or NAME OF COMPANY)."

(3) The licensee may not transport licensed material unless the material is packaged, labeled, marked, and accompanied with appropriate shipping papers in accordance with regulations set out in 10 CFR part 71.

(b) Security precautions during storage and transportation. (1) The licensee shall store each source containing licensed material in a storage container or transportation package. The container or package must be locked and physically secured to prevent tampering or removal of licensed material from storage by unauthorized personnel. The licensee shall store licensed material in a manner which will minimize danger from explosion or fire.

(2) The licensee shall lock and physically secure the transport package containing licensed material in the transporting vehicle to prevent accidental loss, tampering, or unauthorized removal of the licensed material from the vehicle.

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