§ 36.65 Attendance during operation.

(a) Both an irradiator operator and at least one other individual, who is trained on how to respond and prepared to promptly render or summon assistance if the access control alarm sounds, shall be present onsite:

(1) Whenever the irradiator is operated using an automatic product conveyor system; and

(2) Whenever the product is moved into or out of the radiation room when the irradiator is operated in a batch mode.

(b) At a panoramic irradiator at which static irradiations (no movement of the product) are occurring, a person who has received the training on how to respond to alarms described in § 36.51(g) must be onsite.

(c) At an underwater irradiator, an irradiator operator must be present at the facility whenever the product is moved into or out of the pool. Individuals who move the product into or out of the pool of an underwater irradiator need not be qualified as irradiator operators; however, they must have received the training described in § 36.51 (f) and (g). Static irradiations may be performed without a person present at the facility.

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