§ 35.2642 Records of periodic spot-checks for teletherapy units.

(a) A licensee shall retain a record of each periodic spot-check for teletherapy units required by § 35.642 for 3 years.

(b) The record must include--

(1) The date of the spot-check;

(2) The manufacturer's name, model number, and serial number of the teletherapy unit, source and instrument used to measure the output of the teletherapy unit;

(3) An assessment of timer linearity and constancy;

(4) The calculated on-off error;

(5) A determination of the coincidence of the radiation field and the field indicated by the light beam localizing device;

(6) The determined accuracy of each distance measuring and localization device;

(7) The difference between the anticipated output and the measured output;

(8) Notations indicating the operability of each entrance door electrical interlock, each electrical or mechanical stop, each source exposure indicator light, and the viewing and intercom system and doors; and

(9) The name of the individual who performed the periodic spot-check and the signature of the authorized medical physicist who reviewed the record of the spot-check.

(c) A licensee shall retain a copy of the procedures required by § 35.642(b) until the licensee no longer possesses the teletherapy unit.

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