§ 35.652 Radiation surveys.

(a) In addition to the survey requirement in § 20.1501 of this chapter, a person licensed under this subpart shall make surveys to ensure that the maximum radiation levels and average radiation levels from the surface of the main source safe with the source(s) in the shielded position do not exceed the levels stated in the Sealed Source and Device Registry.

(b) The licensee shall make the survey required by paragraph (a) of this section at installation of a new source and following repairs to the source(s) shielding, the source(s) driving unit, or other electronic or mechanical component that could expose the source, reduce the shielding around the source(s), or compromise the radiation safety of the unit or the source(s).

(c) A licensee shall retain a record of the radiation surveys required by paragraph (a) of this section in accordance with § 35.2652.

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