§ 35.647 Additional technical requirements for mobile remote afterloader units.

(a) A licensee providing mobile remote afterloader service shall--

(1) Check survey instruments before medical use at each address of use or on each day of use, whichever is more frequent; and

(2) Account for all sources before departure from a client's address of use.

(b) In addition to the periodic spot-checks required by § 35.643, a licensee authorized to use mobile afterloaders for medical use shall perform checks on each remote afterloader unit before use at each address of use. At a minimum, checks must be made to verify the operation of--

(1) Electrical interlocks on treatment area access points;

(2) Source exposure indicator lights on the remote afterloader unit, on the control console, and in the facility;

(3) Viewing and intercom systems;

(4) Applicators, source transfer tubes, and transfer tube-applicator interfaces;

(5) Radiation monitors used to indicate room exposures;

(6) Source positioning (accuracy); and

(7) Radiation monitors used to indicate whether the source has returned to a safe shielded position.

(c) In addition to the requirements for checks in paragraph (b) of this section, a licensee shall ensure overall proper operation of the remote afterloader unit by conducting a simulated cycle of treatment before use at each address of use.

(d) If the results of the checks required in paragraph (b) of this section indicate the malfunction of any system, a licensee shall lock the control console in the off position and not use the unit except as may be necessary to repair, replace, or check the malfunctioning system.

(e) A licensee shall retain a record of each check required by paragraph (b) of this section in accordance with § 35.2647.

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